The East African oil pipeline (or even the Uganda-Tanzania pipeline) may be the talk in the town now. Not only in East Africa but around the world.

The construction with this pipeline is officially on. Social and resettlement planning services have already been undertaking it in Tanzania.

The sad the fact is that people haven’t heard of the business opportunities for sale in the project.

More and more people keep wondering the opportunities emerging within this project are and ways in which they can be part of it.

“Do they give equipment or provide services?” they ask themselves.

If that you are among these people trying to do business in this particular projects but do not know how to get started, then you should not worry.

This article explains some opportunities for sale in the project and ways in which you can participate so that you are able to reap an important profit.

The Uganda-Tanzania Pipeline Opportunities

Pipes and connection supplies: One from the opportunities with this project is usually to supply and manufacture seamless tubes and pipes (LSAW) plus supplying steel pipes.

Chemical Supplies: For the construction on the pipelines, there are tons of specialty chemicals needed, from corrosion inhibitors additives to scale remover to chemicals that reduce paraffin increase. You cannot manage a pipeline without these matters, and you are able to get them from China really cheap. Which means your profit margin may increase by 30-50 percent.

Pipeline equipment supplies: These cover all materials that happen to be required within the pipeline transportation system. It includes fittings, valves, scraper traps, insulating flanges, flow tee, pumping station, etc.

Civil engineering works: These include building construction work, construction and repair of roads, construction and repair off drainage system, etc.

Pipeline inspection services.

Food supply.

Security services.

Are you willing to utilize opportunities with this project? Here is how to get the opportunities:

  1. Identify deciding makers and influencers on this Uganda-Tanzania pipeline project.

The 1st step in pursuing opportunities within the Uganda-Tanzania pipeline is determining who the choice makers are.

Decision makers will be the people who will approve or disapprove your proposal.

No matter what size a company is, you’ll find decision makers who are able to approve or disapprove documents.

This can be achieved by looking into making a list of key players from the project and commencing to build lasting relationship together.

  1. Demonstrate your experience.

You should demonstrate that you might be the right person to try and do the project you’re proposing.

You should demonstrate your capability plus your experiences in executing similar project.

“What if my offer is small, and new n a?” you might ask.

Well, the correct answer is pretty simple. You still have to be able to tap opportunities inside the Uganda-Tanzania pipeline project.

If your business is smaller than average and new, therefore you don’t have any experience or working history to get taken as references for the service you would like to render, you should think of going into a joint venture through an experienced contractor inside oil and gas industry in these bidding venture. However inexperienced, you still have to be able to participate with this work.

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